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"Help Her Live"

24 x 36

Mixed Media on Hardboard 2012


Every painting tells a story....

Through this one simple exploration of mixed media (my first), so many synchronicities fell into place....I met the founder of Facing Homelessness just as he was launching the non-profit...Preacher John walked in while we were meeting...and Dinkus (who was a hummingbird in this piece), would later be the beneficiary of a walker that my family no longer needed shortly before he passed. All of this was the beginning of my life as a contemplative minister in the world, learning to listen to nudges. 

This is just one painting...

If there is one that speaks to you...I would be curious to see what you see in the paint. Perhaps you want to hear the story that inspired the piece? Or maybe you want to learn how to tell your own story through the language of color?  

If you feel the nudge, just as I did the day I made this piece, reach out...Text/Chat via my mobile app (coming soon), email through the contact page, or chat via Linked-In, - These are the easiest ways to reach me. I am looking forward to hearing from you.